Terrabellum is a play on two words; Terra, the latin root word meaning earth or land, and cerabellum, which is the part of your brain the controls movement and habits. The idea of Terrabellum is to promote lifestyles and habits that are in harmony with the Earth and living ecosystems which we are a part of.

Earthen building accomplishes this mission on many different levels by using materials that are local, and unprocessed, and creating a healthy and organic home which relies on very low amounts of energy.

Earthen buildings will absorb and remit heat creating a naturally comfortable climate that needs only a fraction of the energy inputs of a conventional home. Using materials that are local and unprocessed means the materials will be cheaper which give the owner more freedom to use monetary resources on other things.

Earthen buildings are made of some variation of clay, sand, and straw, this means that the house will never end up polluting the land or in a toxic landfill, it will only return to the land in it's natural organic form. Understanding the cradle to grave life cycle of things is the essence of Terrabellum.

Here at Terrabellum we want to help you create the most sustainable, functional, and beautiful home imaginable.